Homesick Little Genius

Mister and I have both had one of those weeks where we miss the Bay Area and our friends, family and our life pretty intensely. And hate New York as intensely. I even started what I thought was shaping up into a great post about it until Safari crashed and took the entire post with it (thanks, Typepad for having a weak save system). I have to redo it and will work on it later.

We're not the only ones who are homesick and lonely. Bama, as I told a friend earlier, is losing some of her outgoing cheer at the playgrounds. She doesn't try to interact with other kids as much these days and she is just plain lonely. It's difficult to know exactly what to do about this (and let's be clear, I'm not soliciting advice, thank you thank you) and I'm sure it will all work out and she'll be only moderately scarred for life. But it does make me sad that the little girl who used to say hello and offer her shovel to other children just sits and does her thing. Every so often we have a little social breakthrough, like when we met R and B at Bleecker Playground a couple of weeks ago. Lovely children, nice papa, the kind of people you want to run into again. But that isn't our usual experience.

Because I've been thinking about friends and family, and weeding photos out of my camera, phone, and computer to make space, we've been looking at a lot of pictures this week. Bama knows who everyone is and recognizes some of the places, too.

Tonight was Mister's night to give her a bath and put her to bed. Their conversation went like this:

Bama: Dashiell (Mr. Wilson)?

Mister: Do you miss Dashiell?

Bama: Yes.

Mister: Do you want to call Dashiell? We can see the Dashiell on the phone.

Bama: Oh

Mister: We can call Dashiell tomorrow.

Bama: Call Dashiell?

Mister: Mmhmm

Bama: Call Travis (Dashiell's papa)?

Mister: Sure.

Bama: Call Nana (Cindy Lou Who)

Bama: Call Mimi (her great aunt)


Bama has talked with Aunty Cake via our iPhones and FaceTime — say what you want about AT&T and Apple, it's freakin' awesome to have FaceTime if you have a kid who wants to talk to people who are far away — and she's talked with our aunts and uncles via Skype and iChat. I'm all veklempt that she misses her pals this much. If she could, she'd probably pack a suitcase for home as our friends' daughter did when they moved from Berkeley to Bloomington. She still lives in Indiana.

Homesick Little Genius

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