Picking Daisies

New York is like a daisy: We love it, we hate it. It loves us, it hates us.

Last week, we were in the hates. Tears from me, glumness from Mister (thankfully on separate days to balance things out).

Even though I know that in any city or town, parks are a reflection of the communities they serve. But when we hit Battery Park City for its awesome Art in the Park (run by the Battery Park Conservancy) and then stayed to play and lunch at the Nelson Rockefeller Park, I wondered what we were thinking when we came east. Even casual is dressy in a way that I'm not equipped to be. Personally, I'm not going to walk a mile and a half in cute sandals and a dress. And, maybe I was already feeling on the outs, but it seems like there is a lot of rushing to intervene and not a lot of hellos at that park. 

When I'm not feeling so blue, I can appreciate the cool water fountain that runs like a trough behind the jungle gyms (Bama didn't venture on to those this time which was fine with me as it was swarming with bigger kids). A hippo and an elephant spout water on each other and the kids, too. Lots of spray. It would be the perfect place to share a bucket, though most toddlers like to fill their own buckets and keep them close. 


We enjoyed edamame and pork dumpings from The Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, then took a long walk home in the heat. I don't think we'll be going back down there any time soon, but never say never.


We did learn how to do ponytails, put on headphones, and climb the curvy ladders on the playstructures (oh my!)


This week, the daisy loves us. We finally made it to the Doughnut Plant for too many donuts (which is why we don't go too often).


We've been to Bleecker Playground (now nicknamed Dirty Park thanks to one of the dads I met who said he and his wife call it Dirty Park) a couple of times. We made it to Clean Park (also named by the dad) and the local library for story time. (Story time was fun, but Lisa and the other librarians at Rockridge in Oakland put on a difficult to surpass story time.)

My friend Bryan watched Bama on Tuesday as I shot up to NYU for my glucose test (barely passed), a visit with my OB, extra blood draws, and a fetal echo (everything looks great). I picked up Chipotle for us on the way back, then Bryan stuck around for the afternoon to chat. On Wednesday, we rushed out after our (late, late, late) afternoon nap to meet my cousin Zoe at Washington Square Park. I have a couple of videos of Bama and Zoe to put up, but those are their own brand of specialness.

Bama loves these people, as she loves so many in her life. She asks about them, looks forward to seeing them. I love seeing someone familiar, though it took 3,000 miles for Zoe and me to see each other. We've seen each other more in the last month than we did living in neighboring cities in the Bay Area. 

Today was kooky — we had to hang out waiting for plumbers to come by and do some work in three different rooms in the house. So we ran around the living room, finger-painted in the backyard, and talked to Cindy Lou Who and her mama on the phone! The girls showed off their jumping skills, which are considerable though neither of them jumps in the technical sense of the word. They sang a little, too. iChat is awesome, awesome, awesome.

We are preparing for the hurricane. I use that lightly. Weather forecast for Long Island has strong winds/hurricane issues. For Manhattan? Sunny, in the 70s. 


Picking Daisies

One thought on “Picking Daisies

  1. I nudge you to reconsider on the issue of footwear. I’m hardly a fashion junkie but lately I evaluate every shoe purchase with two questions: “Could I wear these to the zoo for half a day?” AND “Are they cute/hip enough for a (fictional) night out?” My fave pair this summer: http://www.zappos.com/frye-avery-t-strap-dark-brown-leather Remarkably comfortable – have walked miles in these – and they slip on/off in 2 seconds.
    We miss the poo out of you.


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