Something You Might Like #18

It's been a while, but I thought I'd do a round up of things I've found around the web (via craft, various blogs, some tweets, who knows). It seemed appropriate for a quiet Friday. It's overcast in New York, we're waiting for rain. Hurricane Earl is doing its thing on the Eastern Seaboard. Long Island has been given warnings but Manhattan expects sun and high 70's this weekend.



When I was pregnant with Bama, Mister and I spent about a week in New York. I picked up some fat quarters at Purl, tinkered with them, and then chickened out of making a quilt for her. Ultimately I decided to use the fabric to make a duvet for a baby down quilt. Now that we're in New York, and she's almost two, I can't put off the snuggly comforter any longer. I found what may be my entrée into the world of quilting (I could have winged it, and had sketches, but I don't mind the extra help). We'll see how my baby quilt from Two Little Banshees turns out. (First, I have to buy some scissors. It seems I left them in California.) 

I doctored up a few diapers for Bama, but I didn't do anything fancy. This time, though we have too many swaddlers already, I thought I would try to put together a trio for the new baby. I also like learning a new technique to add to my meager sewing know-how. So, a swaddler project is in the works (to begin sometime in November) and I"ll learn what self-binding is and how to do it.

Two easy skirts: One from PurlSoho's blog, PurlBee. How delightful is this use of Liberty of London fabric with the bright ribbon edging? Hello, Spring! The other comes from SouleMama, a blog that wears me out even as I find myself returning to it on a weekly basis. Amanda Blake Soule trimmed down a few of her skirts into "twirly transformations," or spinning fun for the under 10 set.

Bama will be two in November. I whipped up the first of her winter hats (Emma Fassio's Happy Hat) yesterday, and am setting up another Neighborly vest, but what she really needs is something special, a little dress that can go from fall into spring. I've got a couple of ideas on tap, and added Vickie Howell's Tuxita Baby Tunic. So cute. So cute!


Mister doesn't understand my love for jello, but he supports it. What will he do when I whip up this 10-layer delight (courtesy craft).

When you fall behind on your RSS feeds, wow, what treasures are revealed in one lump. Like mini poptarts on a stick? Made at home, with your own jam, not the store-bought version with too much sugar. Yes, please!

I can't get my hands on huckleberries, but I can find some other yummy berry to whirl into these muffins (adapted from New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant). 


From my friend Julie who lives just outside of Paris, I bring you Baby Milo, a monkey who's all over Parisian tots and kids this year. I might have to order a couple of shirts for Bama, just to keep up her worldly aesthetic.

I have a hard time dog-earing books that I'm reading, but cut them up for these beautiful pieces! Jewelry made from books? I'm in. 

Something You Might Like #18

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