It’s 99 Degrees Out, Let’s Knit Wool!

I've been working on my Madeline Tosh Tea Leaves Cardigan off and on, but I'm almost at the end of my skein and in a bit of a pickle. The three skeins that I need, and that tell me the dye lot number, are somewhere in our storage locker in California. I have a swatch to send to Aunty Cake or Alicia who will kindly take it by Article Pract in search of a possible match, but, in the meantime, it languishes next to the sofa. It's also too hot to sit with it in my lap for very long. The weight of the sweater pushes into my legs, even with the air conditioning going.

So I thought I'd whip up something small, to remind myself that I can finish projects in a couple of days. And I did.

Voila, the Happy Hat (the pattern link is on the right; if you are on Ravelry, you can find models there). I wasn't sure what size it would end up being, but it was super easy, just interesting enough, and finished in a couple of nights. I used Cascade Yarns Pastaza held with Stacy Charles Ritratto, the same yarn I use for my mom's Christmas/winter ribbed scarf.

It's Bama-sized. Don't you think it will look even better with a creamy flower perched on top of the cable? 


It’s 99 Degrees Out, Let’s Knit Wool!

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