Have Pants, Will Dance.

I found myself on a furious "I must create" kick last week. I pulled the sewing machine upstairs, hacked the sleeves off of a very expensive French shirt (mine) and stitched them into a pair of pants. I wish we could have flamenco music playing in the background as we walk around town, but her singing "Twinkle, twinkle" will do.



I originally stitched them with the detail work on the inside. Oops. I was using two different tutorials for help, but found both sets of instructions needed just a bit more explanation (for me, anyway). (Indietutes is great, but I didn't quite get the bit about trimming the pants for the crotch; I used Luvinthemommyhood was more for reference.)

In the end, the pants were stitched and … I had 1" elastic, way to wide for the fabric. Of course I had to make the trip to Purl that I'd been putting off. The store is roomier than the old ones were, with yarn and fabric combined. It's still precious, but the staff is generally nice and helpful. I picked up a couple of yards of print to make some treasure bags and a dress as well as black elastic. Yes, black. For the waist of these kind of sheer white pants. The store was flooded the week before and lost a lot of inventory. No matter, who's going to see the top of the waist anyway? 

I have the rest of the shirt to work on — a dress, I think. I've held off. I need a little help from BaMa (the big sewing guns) for this one. I can't use the online tutorials I've found as most of them suggest hacking off the top. In this case, the top has the cool detailing similar to what you see on the outside of her pants.

In the meantime, the weather has cooled down and we've turned the temperature on the air conditioning up. It's still warm and stuff in our house. Wouldn't you like to know if the windows open? Yes, us, too. The pond is full and burbling nicely in the backyard. I'm hopeful this will cut down on the mosquito population that was thriving in the stagnant waters left behind. We need a few fish, maybe four? One for each of us? And a couple of plants. 

Also in the made category, a sock puppet, pictures to come. From a book/kit ridiculously huge and ugly. It took more stuffing than was included in the kit. Thank goodness I brought a bag of stuffing with us to New York. You know, because who knows when one will need stuffing.

I have to get back to knitting. I'd like to crank out a couple of sweaters for Bama before it gets too chilly. I'm considering scarves for her, too. Scarves. Choking hazard? 

Have Pants, Will Dance.

One thought on “Have Pants, Will Dance.

  1. Thanks for visiting me over at webloomhere and leaving a comment on my Wynken, Blynken & Nod post. I enjoyed having a look around your blog — It sounds like you’re having a great time in New York but I can certainly understand the homesickness for the SF Bay Area (I’m in the Bay Area… Just outside SF)
    Hope to “visit” you again soon!


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