Dia: Beacon (The Grounds)

Yesterday, a few shots of our trip up to Dia: Beacon on the Hudson River. Today, a bit of Dia's exterior.

Dia's grounds are spectacular. There's an outer exhibit which we checked out and found hilarious. It's a recording of bird sounds? Mixed sounds? It seems like someone's phone is going off and then, voila! There's the speaker. Silly.

But there are grassy knolls to rest on, and this lovely deck which forks out like a Navojo dragonfly cross through the trees (a horticulturist, or Zobot, might know what kind of trees these are). 



Super Crafter and The Inventor in a quiet moment.


The Future Inventor, not in a quiet moment, finding crab-apples and delicious dirt beneath the flowering tree that houses a most amazing hive of wasps.



From the back. It is impressive in size (a foot or so from top to tip), but also in beauty. It could be a nut or a bud with leaves overlapping and waiting to open.


If you look at this photo in the larger, pop-out version, you should be able to see the hive door and possibly some tenants buzzing about.

Along for the ride, Miss A is teaching at NYU. We tripped around the galleries together while Mister was outside with a napping Bama. We had the perfect gallery chemistry — enough interest to see things, interest in similar exhibits, amusement, disdain, or disinterest in the same exhibits. And! She Knits! Hooray!

Dia: Beacon (The Grounds)

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