Getting Out of Town

A day after we left California, our very good friends the M's left California. We headed to New York, they went further into the Northeast, settling in Vermont. Oh yes, I am jealous. I've had a thing for Vermont since I went with my awful boyfriend (I was 22, you're allowed to have awful boyfriends at that age). 


We borrowed Alicia's car (Thank you!!), Charlie, and headed into what became one seriously wet drive. Connecticut on ramps are silly, FYI. Who comes to a full stop before accelerating to get on a freeway? Connecticut and all its Mercedes.


We made one side-trip into Darien to see Mister's grandmother's house. There it is. He remembered the smell of the area, most of the street, and all the houses around it. 

The rain started in Connecticut, lasted through Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire (where we stopped for dinner at Burdick and bought some amazing chocolates for the Ms.), and Vermont.

It's supposed to take five hours to get to the Dartmouth area. Sure. If you're not pregnant, don't have a toddler, and never stop. We stopped in Darien. We stopped somewhere awful in Mass. where the only thing of note was a Wal-Mart (seriously? always a bleak encouter) but it was dry inside so Bama got some run time in. 

Back in the car. We had a few shots of leaves, but either they didn't turn out or they are on my regular camera. Hmmm. Regardless, this was our view for most of the drive. Thick, tree-lined highways, rain, and a car or several in front. Awesome.


Getting Out of Town

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