Vermont: Neighborhood Park

(A caveat about my photos. Most of what I've posted come from my iPhone. My MacBook Air is almost out of hard drive space, I'd misplaced my camera, all sorts of mishaps leading to a dearth of photos and therefore intermittent posting.)

Bama and Linny Lou (M #2's third and possibly final nickname) took over the park down the street. That's the local elementary school behind it. How cool is that? A quick walk to school, the soccer green, and a lovely play area all in one breath.

Even though Linny Lou is four and a half, she's game to play with Bama. They are compatible these days because Bama's just big enough to be interesting and capable, and Linny Lou is old enough to have patience with Bama. Plus, I think she likes being around someone smaller she can teach. Linny Lou helped Bama on the big slide, and up and down the bridge on the play structure. They played dolls (with Linny Lou most generously sharing one of her babies with Bama. If you haven't experienced toddlers and their babies, it's difficult to convey how big a deal this was.)

Up the slide, down the slide. They also went down the big, corkscrew slide, though Bama refused to go down with Linny Lou, insisting on taking it on, "By self!"




We had a quick round of rain that afternoon which yielded this amazing rainbow.


Vermont: Neighborhood Park

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