Pardon this interruption of the beautiful shots of Vermont for a non-photo write up about boobies.

Bama's been interested in mine for a long time. Not surprising since she nursed until 13 months (we only stopped because IVF requires no prolactin in your system). For a time, she'd handle anyone's boobs and let them know they are boobies. You know, in case you weren't sure.

My nieces found it disconcerting, then amusing (I think). Men, not so amused to be asked if they have boobies. 

My boobs have done the second trimester sprout. My ribs spread, cup size has gone up. I'm back to wearing the nursing bras I never wanted to see again (and after this one, I might burn them). I'd bought two new bras from Nordstrom in the spring. Never picking a Chantelle again (a second ever again, whoa). The wires started moving almost immediately. It was a great day when I looked down and saw the underwire snaking up my shirt. I pulled it all the way out. Thanks.

The second bra looks like it has been worn in a war. Faded, frayed. It is literally bursting at its seams. It became too tight across my ribs and my girls, well, they needed room to grow because I'm almost 29 weeks which means there's still some boobage to come. (The third trimester light switch flipped which means that everything is bigger, heavier, and more difficult to manage. Boobs, bellies, they are in the way and weighty. And no, I can't see my feet anymore.)

So I went to Nordstrom Rack. Initially to find a bathroom and look at boots. I walked with a lovely Natori, an old faithful that cost $25 (from $80, yeah). Drumroll on size. 38 DD. 

Should I note that again: 38 DD. 

i showed Mister my purchase when I got home. He says he can't remember what he said, but it was something about being big.

Because it is. I giant rack holder for my rack from the Rack. At least it isn't a grandma's bra, which is what the Boob Whisperer convinced me to go with when I was pregnant with Bama. And it doesn't unsnap an flop down. No nursing in this lovely lady. But, come January. I'll be looking here for something prettier than what I've got. Something like this, perhaps.


Note: Mister pointed out that the post title and content might net some unexpected traffic; there will be no pictures forthcoming of the 38DD bra or its contents.


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