Evening Walk

Bama, Linney Lou, The Professor, and I went for a pre-dinner walk one night. Up the hill. Bama more game to walk and run than Linney Lou, though you can't tell from this picture where both girls are flying up the hill.




We stopped by the creek on the way back. That pink knot on Bama's neck is Linney Lou's purse. LL brought it but Bama carried it. She's very into bags. I wonder where she picked up that trait?



The Professor carried everyone home for dinner. I'm not sure who's having more fun. Him, or the girls.



See all that green? That's Vermont. Lawns and bushes green and lush. No sprinklers. Mister and I haven't talked about the water issue, but it's definitely a challenge for me to not freak out over how much water is used recklessly in New York. Sidewalks are washed down every morning, I'm sure very few people turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth, the plethora of fantastic fountains during the summer all speak to an area with no apparent water issues. For my part, I know that I let the water run while I'm doing the dishes. Sometimes I feel guilty. Sometimes I think, "Ouch! This water is too hot."

Evening Walk

2 thoughts on “Evening Walk

  1. Vermont would be great were it not so freaking cold all winter. I don’t mind the cold but my feet hate it.
    You should get rain boots. They will come in handy when you finally succumb to a move to the NW.


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