What Happens in DC Goes on the Web

Mister, Bama, and I picked up our Zipcar and headed for DC last weekend for a double-header of fun. Uncle J and Aunt E, and the Stewart-Colbert rally.

It's supposed to take about four and a half hours to drive from NYC to DC, but we like to stretch these things out. We hit a couple of pockets of traffic and made a pit stop in one of the rest areas where Bama proceeded to "Spin Around! Spin Around!" and then do laps on the lawn outside. Oh, and there was that stop at Target so I could use the bathroom (the gas stations looked sketchy). And buy a pair of maternity jeans. 

When we reached our destination, Bama marched into Uncle J's arms after our long car ride, then snuggled up to Aunt E before exploring their home.

Uncle J is a baseball fanatic. He's a Red Sox fan, which is alright in DC. He did pick-up a Washington Nationals hat, but couldn't bring himself to buy the "W" version, instead selecting this model, which Bama gamely sported for part of the morning. 


The four of us made our way to the Mall for the Colbert-Stewart rally. Trains were packed with people, forcing us to backtrack several stops in to Maryland so we could be sure we'd get on the train, let alone get seats. 

We set set up next to the sheriff's wagon where we could see a sliver of a jumbotron between the trees and the port-o-potties. At this point, it was about being part of the crowd. We'd catch the acts later on TV. 



Bama and MIster dancing in the streets.



More from our boogie queen. I was off finding a bathroom (again. The port-os were not an option). This time, we were across from a dragon float with a DJ spinning a fantastic 80s mix. Bama approves.


And, lastly, an early birthday celebration with balloons, cake, and a stuffed lion. Gee, do you think the girl liked her party?



Now this is more like our NY tough look. Heading to the park the next morning for a little pre-car play. Apparently, she faked out a kid at the park. She wanted his car, which he wasn't going to give up. So she made like the slide was the bees knees. He followed her up to the slide, she turned around and went off in his car. Don't mess with the Pink!


What Happens in DC Goes on the Web

One thought on “What Happens in DC Goes on the Web

  1. There certainly have been times when I’ve missed DC. This would have been one of them–the rally and a chance to see you. I hear that autumn has been lovely there too. I really did enjoy the Mall and all the bustle around it.
    The baby belly is looking perfect–nice and round. You look great!


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