We stayed with Aunt E and Uncle J for just a couple of days, but they were packed. Early morning with Aunt E before Uncle J, Bama, and I went to the park up the street.



Vroom, vroom. Uncle J provides the power for a zip around the park. 



Bama loves subways, taxicabs, the DC Metro. Everyone's full of energy and smiles on the way to the rally.



There's some family resemblance, yes?


A rally shot. 



The boogie dragon. Uncle J and Bama moved in for a closer look. While Bama was dancing, a dancing panda bear shimmied her way. And freaked her out. 



With all of those people leaving downtown, there was no way we were going to get on a train. Mister decided to walk home with Bama, who was nodding off in her stroller, while Uncle J and I waited for a ride from Aunt E. (Me, knackered. I would never have made it.)

After a failed stop at a Target for a last ditch effort at Halloween, we waited at home for Mister and Bama. By the time they arrived, she was pantless, having peed through two pairs of pants. She didn't seem to mind the nakedness nor the cold. Pre-birthday suit, Mister loaded them onto the Metro. He said people cleared space for him and helped him keep balance (he was carrying Bama and the folded up stroller). In case you were wondering if this would have happened on BART or Muni, it wouldn't have.



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