Yes, we're expecting number two, but this is about Bama turning two today. 

We started our day with a crown and oatmeal. There's still a little futzing to be done with the crown, but it's a huge leap over last year's. This one will last her. She doesn't know it, but this is the crown for birthdays to come. January Baby (aka Tiny Baby) will have something similar, I'm sure.


We took her in for her two-year check-up this morning. I loaded her into a 7am B212 evolution bag — essentially an expensive sleeping bag for the stroller. Mister mocked my cold worries, but it was in the 30s and a blanket is a pain in the neck in this weather, so I've learned. (No, I did not pay $200 for it; I bought ours used for $40.)

We like our new pediatrician, whom we met just today because in NYC, you can't have informational interviews with doctors. They are too busy for trivialities such as that. We also like that the practice is about 10 minutes from home, as opposed to a 20 minute cab ride to NYU Medical Center. Dr. P declared her "perfect." Ah, who doesn't want to hear their kid is perfect? She's in the 95-97 percentile for height and 45 percentile for weight. Steady as she goes, she lands in these numbers every visit. We had her lead levels checked (TBD) as well as anemia (negative), got her a flu shot and Hep-A.

When we left the doctors' offices, the rain had started but came as hail. And, Bama was still snug as a bug in her bag and rain shield. Yippee!

Birthday at library

Then off to the library for story-time and new books. Now, the girl is sleeping off a weekend of birthday dough-nuts (cooked in peanut oil which shocked us, doh!, and our doctor today. Bama is not, as suspected, allergic to peanuts), birthday cake, marathons, hot chocolate, and Fall Backwards.

If we ever thought we knew what parenting would be like, we continue to underestimate its awesomeness. I feel sorry for people who say that having children has made their lives miserable, though complete (how does that work?). Having Bama has been amazing. Watching her grow into her own person full of interests and abilities and questions is fantastic. Sometimes exhausting, always fantastic.


Goofy things she's doing: Stripping naked in her crib because she can; drawing circles, babies, straight lines, and the letter J; running; running; running; singing songs to Tiny Baby and to herself; swinging at the top of the big slides; speaking full sentences and generally getting the tense correct (maybe not conjugated correctly); reading all the time.

What she's doing now: Waiting for me to get her up from her nap. 


PS: The sweater is Swing Thing from Teresa Belville. The crown is adapted from a couple of patterns: (SouleMama and TheLongThread).


2 thoughts on “Two

  1. Happy Birthday big girl!!!! Amazing how time flies. I still think of her as a baby but she’s so clearly not. The swing coat is adorable on her (but what isn’t?) and the crown so sweet. Hope that you all had a fabulous day celebrating. Cheers!


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