Story Time

Bama and I have made it a regular habit to hit story time at our local library branch. We run around the park next door for a while (Clean Park) and then zip next door for library time. When we started going, Bama could barely make it up the two flights of stairs (about 30), mostly holding my hand or being carried. Now, she walks "by self" up and down the stairs in slow, but reasonable, time.




She picks out a couple of her books each week. She takes this job very seriously. She'll study the book spines, open pages, stack a few on a table and flip through them. Sometimes I edit her choices, but she also likes to pick books to read while story time is going on. (This might be because the librarian reads the same books every week and Bama's caught on.)

Last week, for her birthday, she wore her birthday Swing Thing and ran amok. We went home with some not very successful picks, except for It's My Birthday from Helen Oxenbury. 


Luckily, the librarian doesn't mind that Bama wants to read, anything, anything at all, even while Story Time is going on. 


Story Time

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