Low-slouch Slouch

I've had the Felicity hat pattern in my Ravelry queue forever. Then, I had the yarn I wanted to use. Five 50 gram balls from the Farmers' Market in Vermont, dyed by the sheep's owner. It's an amazing blue — a bit of lapis lazuli in its deep blue with lighter flecks throughout.


It's been perfect for our slowly cooling fall (as opposed to California which slammed into fall-winter with rain, snow, and cold this week). Unfortunately, it's just not slouchy enough. I wanted a good bit of drag on the back. The front, though, works well. It's long and tight.

I'll probably give this one to Bama –it's so cute on her! — and knit up another since I have about two balls left (I also made a pair of Toasty wrist/thumb warmers, but I'll do those pictures later this week). 

Wowza. Look at how brown my hair looks in this picture. Someone needs a cut and color, stat. 



Clapotis on hand, as well, for all over warmth. Seriously, isn't that blue gorgeous?

Low-slouch Slouch

2 thoughts on “Low-slouch Slouch

  1. I think the slouch hat looks great! And yes, it is a fabulous blue, indeed. By the way, it was great to see you all last month. A few days after we returned home I checked out your blog and the boys exclaimed, “That’s ——-!” And then they did a hilarious demo of how (they think) Bama runs, arms swinging back and forth…I guess they took very seriously your explanation of she focuses more on swinging her arms than pedaling her feet. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


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