Christmas in NY

Christmas descends on New York in a flurry of lights, tree lightings, Santas, and tourists.

It rained the evening that the Rockefeller tree was going up, so we let Mariah Carey sing her heart out to umbrella'd masses while I tucked Bama into bed and called it a night. I can't remember where Mister was, but I think he had a business meeting and wouldn't have made it.

So, we planned for our back-up tree, which was sweet and perfectly appropriate for us — the Washington Square Park tree. We play there a few days a week, and consider it one of our "home" parks and places to go. Bama and I meet up with Zobot almost every week, there, too. Mister had to be in DC for a business trip that day (one of the few) and was headed home on the train while we rolled up to the park, Bama snuggled in her stroller sleeping bag (a 7am Enfant sack we purchased second hand lest you check the price and fall over dead at the cost) and I in my recently acquired long Gap maternity coat that is too thin for winter but closes over TIny Baby so half a win, yeah?


Butt cold, that's what it was, with wind blustering down Fifth Avenue. But, the wind couldn't dampen our spirits or most of the crowd's, which joined in with the carolers, much to Bama's joy.


A flick of the switch and voila! How lovely is that? It was also lovely to see lots of children from the neighborhood (all of us out past bedtimes), older folks, and NYU students all there for the lights. It wasn't Rockefeller, but it was pretty great.


A rare shot of the cousins. 🙂 I unceremoniously gave Zobot an unwrapped gift of arm warmers I'd knit up (Toast with thumb holes, made from Berocco Jasper). She wore them when we watched the marathon and since we're both way to cold and way underdressed for NYC winter, I thought she should have a pair. Who am I kidding? I was not going to knock out another set before Zobot headed overseas to visit her sister. Hopefully, she's warm. 🙂




Christmas in NY

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