About Horses, Christmas Lights, and a Little Girl

 I took Bama to Central Park on one of the coldest days we've experienced thus far. Wind chill, everything. She couldn't get enough of the carriages and the horses that we watched for more than an hour one Sunday afternoon. I thought taking her for a carriage ride would be fantastic, but an experience to share with Mister.

The following weekend, after a day of great rain, we headed to 59th Street and 5th Avenue to join tourists and some NYers for the rugby/carriage ride scrum. There is no system at 5pm, just a lot of people clamoring for the drivers' attention while trying to ignore the wheedling of the PediCab drivers. It's hard to say which was more annoying.


There we were, looking for our own horse and buggy. It wasn't as cold as it had been, so the carriages were in high demand. We, like everyone else, used whatever means necessary to get one. I stuck my 35 week belly into the street and sighed, a lot. Bama threw up her hands to increase her cuteness and bring attention to her horse-needing plight.


It worked. We landed a cab with a nice Italian driver and his Irish horse, Murphy. Okay, so we look a little stunned here, but we're happy. We have a cab, a driver, a beautiful horse, and we're all together. The temperature dropped by at least 10 degrees just turning left into Central Park. Amazing. We clip-clopped up the hill and around the skating rink (owned by Trump). Bama chatted the entire ride, loving the horse and the park and the sounds.



Afterwards, we denied her a ride on a real horse, but she got back on Papa's shoulders as we cruised around midtown Manhattan, looking at windows and lights. We thought we'd go by Rockefeller Center and see the tree. Oh, ha ha. If only I'd taken even a terrible photo of the hordes. Also, Santa at Macy's or elsewhere is out. There was a Santa at the tree lighting we'd been to and though she likes Santa in books, on the tree, at home, she resolutely does not want to see Santa. Ho hum.


 We walked by some of the decorated windows. Wouldn't you like to know which store this is? Can't remember. But we liked the winged horse.


Our adventure ended at Prime Burger, the same joint Bryan, Bama, and I ate at on Friday (blog posts are out of order). Awesome on Friday, this round made Mister and me both a bit queasy. We met some very nice people up from Maryland whose goal was to get a good Christmas card shot in front of the Rockefeller tree. Good luck! 


About Horses, Christmas Lights, and a Little Girl

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