Working over the Holiday

(Dec. 23) I'm not really working, but I'm waiting for laundry to finish and cutting out the stocking pieces for Bama's Christmas stocking. Along with two of our several boxes of ornaments, our stockings were left behind. Mister and I are foregoing stockings for each other this year, but Bama needs one. (Yes, I said need.)


After my OB-GYN appointment last week, I took some time to myself and headed to the garment district in search of wool felt. I ended up with expensive poly felt from one store before braving the winds and another couple of blocks in search of Mood (I should have started here).


Three floors — I only saw parts of two — and a lot of really nice people who can cut straight, but who cares. I originally picked out more budget felt, but then the guy helping me suggested fleece. (I inspired him to make stockings for himself and his cat — out of cashmere. I'm not ready to take on that job.) Fleece it is. Her stocking already looks like Santa Claus, and I have plenty to make another for Tiny Baby and even a Santa hat or two!

I'm using this pattern from Great Turtle, which is more or less the same as Oliver and S's free holiday mitten pattern, except it's a boot. I pieced out my own template using packing paper from Amazon (thanks!). 


In the best of worlds, I'll add some holiday trimmings, including bells and laces to the quirky bend in the boot, next week. I'll make a similar boot for Tiny Baby. I'd like to pull this advent calendar of knitted hats together, though it might work better as a garland. 

(For other amazing advent calendars, because maybe one isn't enough? Check Stella and Hodge's list as well as whipup's 2009 selection of 30, and this year's fantastic round-up.)

Working over the Holiday

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