Christmas Eve

We're doing some time traveling, with my Christmas posts coming a wee bit out of order. 

Here's our final presentation before I joined Mister downstairs in bed (and my pregnancy-induced snoring drove him upstairs). Me, not in my kerchief, Mister, not in his camp. We did settle for a brief winter's nap.

We thought we were keeping things reined in for Bama. Ha. The big paper thing to the right of the tree is a Melissa & Doug easel (purchased from another family, yippee for reuse!). Under the tree, her scooter, helmet, some books, and presents from family and friends. 


Really, I tried not to make a giant stocking. I failed. 

One of our gifts for Mister, a cupcake baking lesson at one of the local shops. My big Christmas wish for Mister was some time to himself — away from work and away from family for a bit of a recharge. He also received a gift certificate to a local culinary academy. I've been going out knitting, he should get some going out time, too.


Because of the holidays, and maybe the pregnancy, we've been off our sleep schedule quite a bit. On Christmas Eve, we tried to take Bama to see Mummenschanz, a Swiss dance/mime/mummer troupe Mister saw when he was a child living in New York. We'll have to try it again in a couple of years. The lights went down, a giant hand came on stage to open the curtains, and Bama burst into tears. So, a much-needed, but very late nap led to a late waking (6-ish) and late dinner (Dungeness crab, Caesar-ish salad, and pugliese bread). While I prepped the food, Mister and Bama enjoyed some Ok Go videos on YouTube. They are so amazing and so silly, and perfect for a little girl who loves dogs, geese, and paint.


Christmas Eve

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