Heading Out: Snow Day

The blizzard came yesterday, bringing snows I longed for. Whoa! NY was shutdown today, even Starbucks opened late as shops had to be dug out of piles of snow.

Head to a park for a city-sponsored Snow Day! Bama and I headed to Riverside Dr. and 91st (oops, second mistake after trying to do this at all). We were supposed to be at 103rd. After trudging along Broadway from 88th to 96st, we stopped for hot chocolate (me) and steamed milk (Bama) before hopping on another train to get to 103rd. That doesn't sound like a big deal, unless you're 37W, 3D pregnant with a two-year-old in a snowsuit and snow boots whose only been in the snow as a non-walker. Oh, and you're cutting through drifts to cross streets. And impatient folks are scooting around you or stamping behind you (not everyone).
We arrived at 103rd and Broadway, hooray! and headed west.

image from www.flickr.com

When the woman and her little boy who'd come out between Broadway and West End turned back halfway to Roosevelt Drive, I should have known something big was up. When I heard the blue tarp snapping in strong winds, I should have known. When I saw a pile-up of kids just a tad bigger than Bama, I should have picked up my girl and turned around right then.
But she wanted to go to the park and play in the snow and we'd had a time getting there, so …
I picked her up and kept going, only to have one the parents say, "She'll be ripped from your arms in the wind."
Like tumbleweeds, these kids were being tossed by the gale-force winds blowing off the Hudson River and down Riverside Drive. Shrieks, screams, sobs. I turned back in the face of hysterical small children and their very calm parents, a couple of whom needed help in catching their kids as they slid along the road.
We had soup and hot dogs and home, instead.

Heading Out: Snow Day

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