What to Hang on the Tree?

We came without ornaments. We came without stockings. But that didn't stop us!

Bama and I made ornaments last week. I gave her a chunk of salt dough to play around with while I cut out some shapes. I prepped pieces for her to paint the next day with the sitter while Mister and I went off to the doctor's office.

OMG! Dough!


We also left behind our cookie cutters, except for the round kit for biscuits. Lots of circles going on. That's Bama's hand on the bottom left. I should have done it in the first round, before the dough started to dry.


Post-paint comparison.

Sweet as pie. I couldn't resist.

One of our half-dozen snowmen. Mister's cake topper for our wedding cake was a snowman, as is his stocking motif. (Mine is a beautiful angel. He selected both.)


Star light, star bright. To the right, one of the circles that Bama helped hang. She asked if these were cookies (post paint). We've got to make sugar cookies this weekend.


In addition to painting ornaments, Bama and our super-sitter made a paper garland. Painted by Bama, snipped and hung by Tetia. 


Adding more ornaments to the tree.


A cluster of salt dough love.


My suggestion if you're doing salt dough: after your child has painted them with child-safe paints, go over them with shellack to seal. I used acrylic paints for the snowman, the star, and some of the round pieces. I won't shellack those, except on the back to seal and keep the dough from falling to bits. We'd like these to be around for a while.

Her hand hasn't made it to the tree, but it might become some kind of whacky tradition. A hand a year. How cool would that be? 

(or creepy)

What to Hang on the Tree?

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