Grand Adventure

For several weeks I've tried to get Bama and me to Grand Central Station to see the MTA's Holiday Train Show (in the museum gallery, on the west end of the station).

We had several false starts this week, owing to general exhaustion, crabbiness, late sleeping, doctors' appointments, life. 

Today, we prevailed. After a stop at the post office to send off Christmas presents (yes, yes), we headed uptown to Times Square where we transfered to the 7 train to go crosstown. Note to visitors: Take the S shuttle instead. 

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The 7 is great unless you miscount stations and miss the Grand Central stop, ending up in Queens. Not that there's anything wrong with Queens, but there's no miniature train set-up for your increasingly hungry toddler (and for the first time I cavalierly went without snacks).

No matter. We made it. 

We wandered through the main concourse, scanning the ceiling's beautiful constellations

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Bama mastered the great staircase, swiftly heading to the top of the West Balcony.
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Then coming down, no hands! Not only did the stairs test her skills, but she neatly navigated the plethora of tourists taking photos and busy New Yorkers trying to make trains.

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A quick bite in the Dining Concourse. For her, a deconstructed Cuban sandwich. For me, the other half. Still constructed.

image from

Then the trains. The ceiling was covered in sparkly ornaments that distracted Bama for a minute before the whirring trains took over. 
image from
A frozen mountain, just like where Grandmother and Grandpa live.

image from

The cityscape includes a subway stop and lots of yellow taxis.
image from

Grand Central Station is a worthwhile visit for anyone, and a great place to spend a morning. There are lots of trains to watch, ramps to run up and down, people to watch. It's fantastic.

Grand Adventure

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