Scooter Girl

We went back and forth in the days leading up to Bama's birthday and then Christmas about a scooter vs. a Skuut Balance Bike for her. In Manhattan, scooters are the rage, with kids zipping around playgrounds and following younger siblings on strollers on mini-kicks and Radio Flyers. If we were in California, we probably would have gotten a skuut, something she could use on the paths and streets around our house. Here, though, we'll probably still get a skuut, but not until summer and it'll probably be used at Central Park and in the back of the building for safety.

The scooter wasn't a bad choice or second choice. She strokes handlebars, asks to ride them whenever she sees one unmanned at the park. We bought her a Mini-Kick in green (and a helmet) for Christmas. Never mind the snow, she practices in the apartment. The streets cleared up enough to take her out (with Pickle and Grandmother) to Washington Square Park, where the playground, like everywhere else, is ankle deep in snow and slush, but the rest of the park is clear.

image from flickr.comShe's definitely getting the hang of scooting, lifting and gliding along. We had a couple of good bonks, though, including one that tipped her on her (helmeted) head. The second did her in. She slid into the snow with her bare hands. It didn't help that it was nap-time. I dusted her off (without letting Pickle fall out of the ergo) and held her hand to the coffeehouse where we had steamed milk with "coam" (foam) and a bit of honey for a treat. (The idea came from Lola at the Library.)
image from
Most of the time she wanted to do it "by self."



Scooter Girl

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