My cousin, Savbot, and her son have been hanging out with Bama and me all week. I don't think I can get tired of seeing them play together. They are evenly matched in temperament, despite the seven month age gap. 

On Monday, we went to the library for story time. It's our usual gig, and it was made better by extra stories read by Savbot. 

image from

I'm also really liking spending time with my cousin who, like her sister, I didn't get to see as much of when we were younger. (I'm also 10 years older than Savbot and 12 years older than Zobot, so it's not surprising we didn't pal around when I was in college.) They are cousins on my mother's side, and very easy to be around. We get to talk about our kids, our parents, our families. It's nice having family in NY while we're here. It makes NY feel more like home.


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