Moments with Pickle

While Nana was in town, Pickle and I headed downtown to pick up a bouncy chair (I love freecycling and swapping goods with other mamas). It was a perfect afternoon. The winter sun was low but warming. Warm enough for us to take a  moment on the Hudson to snap this snot, and another rest on our return for some milks. 


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We hit the subway. Yep. It helped to have another person around for our first two-child ride. You're not supposed to have strollers open on the subway, but we went after the morning rush. I had a mama tell me she wears one child in the front, the other on her back, on the subway. Maybe, but then I couldn't watch him sleep so sweetly.
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A couple of days from eight weeks. He's cuddly like his sister. He doesn't have her cheeks, but they share a sweet nature. 

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Moments with Pickle

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