Quiet. Beauty.

With all that is going on in the world, a natural (and now man-made) disaster in Japan, and GOP-led disasters leading to economic, educational, moral, social, democratic disasters here, the world seems like a cruel place to bring children into.

I cried when I was pregnant with Pickles, thinking about what we were leaving them, and how selfish it is of us to do so. Mister gently suggested that good people need to be born into the world, too. 

We all four of us went for a walk on Sunday in the late light of daylight savings. Clouds hovered overhead but were slit at the edges, just beyond the trees. Washington Square Park was empty in places like the children's play area, filled near the fountain to watch entertainment. 

Mister's photo reminds us that there is beauty, and sun, and warmth, always to be had, even if it's just beyond the trees.



Quiet. Beauty.

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