Doughnut Walk

Mister and I have a soft spot for the Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side. It's a good thing we aren't too close to it. The doughnuts are impossible to resist. He goes for the Blackout (chocolate cake) and Valrhona-dipped raised doughnut.

Our friends, the Mibblestines, are splitting time between California and NYC. There are a few things we have in common with them, including a love of food, cities, and walking. Mister found an article about doughnut shops in New York


Aunt E shares her orange-scented glazed with Bama.

image from

The pistachio-glazed doughnut. A little sweet for me, if you can believe it. I can't resist the creme brulee, though. (Think a doughnut hole filled with creme and then the crisp sugar crust on top. OHMYHEAD!) I promise, Eggs wasn't even looking while I held this out for the shot.
image from

Ms. Mibblestine graciously shared these little beauties from Brindle Room, which for some reason, calls itself Wonder City Coffee & Donuts in the morning. Less sugar, some kind of mashed potato goodness adds life to the doughnut. A little sweet on top, but I liked the not-too-sweet doughnut for contrast. 

image from

Brindle Room on E. 10th. Good stuff.

image from

We made it to two of four possible spots (a 7.3 mile trek whittled down to three miles, or one mile with two subways or two taxis). It was slow going with our babes in tow, but we worked off at least one doughnut that way.

(We plan to hit Dough and Peter Pan, both in Brooklyn, at a future date. Leave no doughnut unnibbled.)

Doughnut Walk

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