Mad-Love in a Box

After a wild morning of playing, Bama, Pickles, and I came home to find a big box waiting for us from our friends in Vermont. Treasures for everyone in the house. Bama, of course, took the lead on opening all the gifts (it was tough to convince her that no, she couldn't open Papa's and would have to wait until he got home).

For her, this crazy hat that looks a little like magic rocks sprouted from her brain. She slept in it. Oh yeah. Beaded necklace, a couple of yellow Matchbox cars, some pens, a collapsing giraffe. A perfect grab bag of fun for a little girl who loves to open things, wear new clothes, run around looking crazy. 

image from

There were toys for Pickles, including this bug-eyed bird that rattles. It's awesome. We had a little quiet time in the nest during stories and songs before naps. Bama couldn't love that boy more if she tried. She's entertaining him with his new bird, that she MUST use with him!

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Wow, said Mister, she made that blanket? Yes, I said. And I think she hand-stitched it. Gorgeous collection of warm and sunny yellows for Pickles first and only blanket. Perfect for tummy time with a brachiosaurus for encouragement.
image from

Up we go! Look at that lift!

image from
There is no end to the wonderfulness of our friends and what their gifts bring out in our children.

Mad-Love in a Box

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