A Pickle a Day

A child's path of self-discovery takes him through a series of summits and plateaus. The first smile, the giggle, rolling over, holding my hands, hugging himself to my shoulder, all are milestones that are probably unnoticed by Pickles (as opposed to Bama, triumphantly marching up and downstairs sans hand- or rail-holding).

Here's the little man flying with me three weeks ago. 

image from flickr.com

Power sucking the pacifier (ooh, the pacifier. Just call it a numnut-maker in honor of all those kids who roll around town, plugged up like Pickle is in this shot).

image from flickr.com

Screw the pacifier! I've got a thumb! Just like his mama and his grandmother, Pickle knows a good thumb beats the numnutter any day.

image from flickr.com

A Pickle a Day

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