Big Girl

March brought some big changes. Yes, I know, January was big, with the whole Pickle thing, but March had its own bigness.

Pickle started rolling over at the ripe old age of 13 weeks (wait, was that April?). Bama perfected the handless walk up and down stars. Handy in subway stations with rails she doesn't like to hold because they make her hands dirty. (Phew! So glad that lesson stuck!)  image from

She's developing her own fashion sense. It was supposed to rain. Goggles help with that, right? Leave it to New York to be evenly split between charmed by her look, and oh, she owned it, and disinterested. Seriously? Yellow wellies, a butterfly rainjacket, goggles, and Mardi Gras beads and not a flicker? Do you practice that non-look?

image from

Big Girl

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