Easter in Pieces (and a lot of parentheses)

image from www.flickr.com

As with every holiday this year thus far, I've had big ideas and lousy execution. Halloween, no costume, Bama was terrified (!!) of the costumed paraders down the street from our house. Christmas, I got the stocking done, but no photo with Santa Claus. Valentine's Day, hah. Easter, bags for each of them, egg-dying au-natural. 

Thank goodness for Nana and her Easter from California box of goodies. I already had a packet of plastic eggs to fill (she sent more) but she relieved me of the basket responsibility and included some treats, as well. I don't remember getting big baskets for Easter. I know my mom did something (and still does) every year, but the grand affair that Easter is today wasn't my Easter, and I kind of hope it's not Bama's or Pickle's either.

image from www.flickr.com

That said, I filled a half-dozen eggs with a few items — a couple of colorful bracelets, buttons from my button box, a necklace, a spinning top. Also in the basket, a whale nail brush for washing hands after crafts (inspired by the brushes at Greenwich House that help get the paint off tiny fingers), a book for Pickle (That's Not My Dinosaur). No Peeps, no Cadbury creme eggs (seriously? yuck!). Also for Bama, an eraser for her chalkboard and a bag of bugs. 

Why bugs? The girl has nightmares about bugs, sees things on the floor and panics it might be a spider or ant. Mister came up with Emperor Jupiter, a special emperor penguin who likes to eat bugs, as a nighttime aid (she calls to him, quite dramatically, fists in the air – EMPEROR … JUPITER!). I thought if she had a bag of bugs that didn't seem so scary, she'd find them funny. Tonight, during bath, I asked if these bugs made other bugs less scary. "No," she said.

image from www.flickr.com

For the eggs, I skipped boiling onion skins in favor of eco-dyes. I probably won't do the kit again — $15 (I wasn't paying attention, Pickle needed nursing) was too much. I can do turmeric for yellow and crushed something for green just as easily. They were pretty, but we did them after the egg hunts, at the end of the day. The eggs had to soak for 10-20 minutes depending on the color. You tell your two-year-old to stick around for that. We did updates while they were brightening, but there was no thrill in the process. 

(Bama made the placemat at Moomah with Mister. These projects only reinforce my mama-teacher craving for my own laminator.)


Easter in Pieces (and a lot of parentheses)

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