Log Cabin

I bought a lot (A LOT) of yarn to make a blanket for Bama before she was born, and then more after she arrived and was a girl and I needed to add girl colors to the painfully neutral palette I'd compiled.

But several friends gave us baby blankets, beautiful and fun and I tucked that yarn away. Bama sleeps with three of the blankets (Aunty Alicia's, Nana Jean's, and Janelle's) while the other two do play duty (Radish and Aunty Lisa). No, this boy needs a blanket (or three) of his own.

image from www.flickr.com

No baby shower or baby sprinkle for Pickle, Mama's making her baby a blanket! I had to weed out a few colors — even Mister who thinks we can put a pink outfit on our boy drew the line at the pinks. I did a test today for size (it's 23 inches by 21 1/2 inches). One more round and I think we're done. 

He has his thinking cap on. Hmmm. This blanket, I think I like it, but what's with the soft pink center? I'm more the bold orange and red kind of guy. Just look at my strong stripes, my piercing gaze!

Note: I'm hopeful the numnut phase will continue to wane despite its front and center presence here.

Log Cabin

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