Mother’s Day

Late last night, I sent Mister a text. All I wanted today was to go for a run and not do any dishes or cooking.

This morning, he offered the run but I opted to sleep a couple of extra hours. I woke to yeast waffles, a bowl of berries, a cup of tea, and two shiny babies (and a somewhat sleepy Mister).

After breakfast, the day is a blur. Mister took Bama up to Chelsea Market for some fresh air and Papa time. Pickle slept, I worked on his blanket. Eventually, I left the house for errands. Got a (lame) pedicure and my lip waxed (five pounds lighter!). Had a cappuccino. Looked for shoes for Pickle, ended up with shorts for Bama. Just me. No babies, no husband, just me.

Dinner. Potatoes cooked in duck fat, grass-fed NY strip steak, butter leaf salad. Dessert. Chocolate puddle cake made by my two favorite bakers: Mister and Bama.

Mister did all the dishes. He stayed up a wee bit to finish everything, but what a day! Thank you to my lovely lovelies for making it so special.

Mother’s Day

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