Girl Meets Pillow

The Ugly That Was

I've had a pillow for years. My mother gave it to me, I think, when I was in middle school? It's just been there, always not quite my style, comfortable, but needing something to hide the frills and the weird stains that appeared after I washed it a few weeks ago.

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Finally. I gave it something. A much-needed new coat with a little help from Bama.

Who could say no to elephants? Pink elephants on bright blue background. At one point, I thought I might make pants for Bama out of this fabric, or maybe a dress, but it's a lot. A lot of pink. A lot of blue. It certainly doesn't suit New York (which, of course, makes me want to use it, out of spite ;).

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I thought a pocket would be nice to break up the elephants. I wasn't going to do piping or trim. I just wanted the pillow done. (What this means: Everyone down for a nap. Iron fabric. Break out the sewing machine. Get as much done as possible before they wake up.)

I had some of it done when Bama, who never fell asleep, decided she'd had enough of pretending to rest. She picked out the swell polka dot fabric which I snipped into a pillow. Oops, a bit too big. A better person would have cut it down. I sewed another seam down the middle to make two pockets. "Perfect for buttons!" she said.

Girl Meets Pillow

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Not too shabby! I used some very quick and easy directions from Martha Stewart to make an envelope-back pillow. I made one change — the pillow was longer than the fabric was wide (and I wanted the elephants to run sideways), so I cut one-third of the case, then the other two-thirds and sewed them together with a 3/8" seam. I faked a seam on the uncut end so the end result would be balanced.

Girl Meets Pillow

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