Bama and Bird

One of the more difficult aspects of moving cross-country was leaving behind all of Bama's friends and family. Her best friends, Mr. Wilson and Cindy Lou Who, her super buddies Jack the Monkey Boy, Sophie and Isabel, and others. 

I kept saying to myself, give it a year, give it a year. Routines. Routines. 

So, we are at about a year and she's made a few good friends, especially Bird. They took a "gym" class together and have developed a pretty great thing. Part of the magic of good playdates/buddies is that the caregivers get on. The classes and routines haven't been good only for Bama, I've made friends, too, including Bird's mama.

Although Bird's mama and I have gotten them together for play, if you've ever seen two-year-olds play, they do their own thing, pow wow, then split off again. But these two had some psychic moment when we took them (and Rabbit) to the American Museum of Natural History. It was supposed to rain, necessitating a shift from a park to somewhere indoors where they could get their ya-yas out. They ya-yad themselves to crazytown.

The lunatics took off in the dinosaur exhibit and never looked back. They flew about the dinosaur exhibit, looking at bones, "reading" information pages to each other, jumping about like frogs. On our way out, I loaded up the Rabbit while these two crazies cackled at their reflection in the door behind them. They stopped moving long enough for one photo. 


After music in the park, hamburgers and hysterics. The good, old sunshade up and down surprise! 

image from
image from
image from


Then this. We met up with Bird and her mama for burritos. A couple of us didn't eat. We were too busy playing the squishy-blink-crack-up game. 


I love these girls.



Bama and Bird

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