Gay Pride NYC!

Mister stayed home with a feverish Rabbit while the not-going-to-nap Bama and I rolled out to catch part of the New York City Pride parade. Would we make it in time? It started at noon, and here we were, at two o'clock. 

Why did I worry? 

Bama: No, thank you (to soup) because I just want to dance!


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We didn't get a front row seat, but who needs it when you can dance anywhere?


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I tried to explain to Bama what the parade was about, that we were celebrating friends and family and people we don't know who are beautiful and gay and happy and proud. And that we were letting people who might not know they were loved know that life can be wonderful, even if it doesn't seem like it. Pretty heavy for 2.5. I don't think she understood much of what I said, but hearing it is important, I think. 

She traded a bracelet for a necklace, was moved by the music, and got to see rainbows everywhere. 

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Gay Pride NYC!

2 thoughts on “Gay Pride NYC!

  1. Thank you, I wasn’t sure if sounded too straight girl schmaltzy, and I left out some of the gooey bits about particular friends. It was a glorious afternoon. If only California were so lucky.


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