At the Big Table!

Rabbit's been eyeing our food for weeks, taking swipes at spoons of peas and forks of noodles. Not for you, yet!

He's five months and four weeks (six months for you smart alecks), so let the food games begin!

We started with a new Tripp Trapp. Bama gets the new one, and he's in the one we had because it has the baby rail and padding we need to keep him in place.



Sweet potatoes? Yes! I'll try those!


Oh, Mama, this must be magic!


Um, no. Why do you people keep giving me this orange stuff. No boobies, no milks. Feh!


This week, trying rice cereal. I have to pick up a new grinder to make my own. (The one we had ejected bits of plastic from the inside. Didn't seem a good thing to keep using.)

At the Big Table!

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