Have Wheels, Will Travel

I wish I had a photo of Bama on her scooter. We gave her a Mini Kick for her second birthday. She spent time pushing it back and forth around our apartment through the winter months. Spring came and we took the scooter outside, where she made progress pushing farther, gaining momentum. Now, she zips along with me to the park, to the library, wherever I will take her.

In May, I picked up a used Skuut (it never left the apartment building). With Bama, there's a learning curve for all activities, especially physical. Lots of kids her age scoot on their scooters no problem. She's generally cautious when she explores new things, like ladders and tall slides. And scooters and Skuuts.

So, while she's floating along on her Mini Kick, we're at square one with the Skuut. It's awesome. She rides it by climbing aboard and walking along. It's hilarious. Awesome. She loves it. "I'm riding my bike!" she exclaims!

image from flickr.com

She likes going over the subway vents, a lot. All the time. The advantage of the Skuut over the scooter is the wheels don't get caught in the vent holes.

image from flickr.com


I'm sorry this video is sideways. Anyone know how to flip it? Nana says it's like watching her ride uphill. 😉

image from flickr.com


Have Wheels, Will Travel

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