Tofu, I Love You!

We eat a fair bit of tofu around here. Considering we're happy and vigorous meat eaters, I'd say more than a fair bit. I've been trying to have at least one meal a week be vegetarian. My go-to site is 101cookbooks. I can enter in a vegetable and Bam! up comes a recipe that's almost guaranteed to work. I use her book, Super Natural Cooking, regularly, too.

We had a lot of beautiful green things in the fridge, so, a farro (maybe it was barley) base with asparagus, peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and … what was it? kale? in a ginger peanut sauce. Snap! We ate it up, yum! 


image from


Also from Super Natural Cooking, this delicious and absurdly easy bowl of coconut curry udon with tofu and whatever you feel like adding. Mister is anti-coconut which means it's a fast and fantastic lunch for Bama and me.

image from

Alright, there's no tofu in this chicken pot pie, but I had to include it. We have a copy of Thomas Keller's beautiful Ad Hoc at Home. It's labor intensive cooking but sakes alive, the results are incroyable! 

image from
Flaky crust, savory inside. I subbed 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour with amaranth flour. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Seriously, though, Ad Hoc recipes are not for the faint of heart nor the short on time.

Many of the dishes could be, and should be, split over a couple of days. For example, next time:

Day one – Pie crust, make and chill (standard); parboil the vegetables separately (integrity of flavor, it worked, but man!). 
Day two – assemble, bake, and make love to the pie. 


Tofu, I Love You!

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