Not Enough Water in the World

We headed to Battery Park City to beat the recent 100+ weather. It was genius, because Nelson A. Rockefeller Park has big lawns, lots of trees for shade, and a great park with water, water, water. I wanted the grass for Rabbit. Poor guy, there aren't always good opportunities for him to get on the ground and roll around, scoot, or hop in the city parks. He needs grass. I do put him down, but he really likes to to put his face in the sand or lick the rubber mats. His immune system is hearty, people, hearty.

After lackluster interest in the weekly BPC art project, we headed for the grass and trees with Bird and Aunty N. (At some point, you all become and aunty or uncle in our world.) On the menu: ball tossing, rolling around, grass tasting. 

Then, water. Sand? Who cares. Swings? Whatever. We need sprinklers in our everyday lives. Big, little, fountain, whatever. As long as water is flowing, we're good.


image from

Rabbit thinks he can take Bird's bucket. Not just yet!


image from

Rabbit got to enjoy this part of the park. Face-plants in sand are fun, but face-plants in water = awesome! He's fearless, this boy is. 

image from

Not Enough Water in the World

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