What Was, What Is

There were several deciding factors in choosing our apartment. It had two bathrooms, one each on two floors. We hoped we would have guests staying with us, and a bathroom for them, and a separate one for us was appealing. It's walkable to a lot of things we like, except for Central Park. Bummer.

And there's the garden. Maybe that was the best part. A private garden, with a pond. It's half of the square footage of our apartment, which means we have an extra room for naps, dinners, friends.

A post-nap view.


Summer rain.

image from www.flickr.comFrom our garden, roses and hydrangeas. They are sheltered beneath a dogwood (bloomed first), near the lilac (second), under the birch (shade, character, love). We have several rose bushes, all pink for some reason, and about a half-dozen hydrangeas. 

image from www.flickr.com
It's mostly peaceful, although the fan from the building kitty corner is amazingly loud. 

I can knit, read, think. We've had dinners. We've had pool time. 


This is our backyard now. Three walls are being "refaced," a project that will stretch into fall. I'm bummed, I can't lie. The garden has been an extension of our living room, allowing Bama to have afternoon playspace while Rabbit naps. We can't use it during the day because the guys are working on the building. There are dropped nails, pounded boards, mesh, and the occasional Coke bottle. 

We'd like a rent reduction, with good reason. The glass half full is that the mesh keeps out the afternoon sun and helps keep the apartment cool. And, we get this full New York experience. We live within the shroud. 

The glass half empty is that we've lost a bit of our Eden within the larger city. 


What Was, What Is

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