A few months ago, Mister asked Bama if she wanted to play a game. We don't have many  kids "games," no Hi-Ho Cherry-o or Candyland (I'm not saying this is a good thing). We have lots of puzzles, blocks, stringing cards.

But Games? 

Bama gamely said, "Sure."

Here they are, playing Go, which Mister plays regularly and even has a "class" with a Go master. Cool. They play by taking turns. Sometimes Bama wants to use the other color,which is cool. She'll even give you one of hers to make an even trade.



Other games include Too-Dah, the card throwing game; cards in various tossing formats; backgammon of sorts, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride. 

(She has Bigger Baby in her baby sling. Bigger Baby is either napping or nursing in this photo.)


2 thoughts on “Gamers

  1. In no particular order, some reasons you should move to Portland (inspired by this post, the hair one and the one about the park):
    Chris would love someone to play Go with him.
    I know a hairdresser who is good with curly and wavy hair.
    I almost never have the urge to call the police in my local parks. Yes, we are provincial, but at this point in my life it is a reasonable trade. Hell, even the methadone addicts that get on the bus at the clinic stop are polite to me when I have kids with me.


  2. Portland is in the top five of next places to go/places to raise our kids. New York is its own kind of provincial palace, with people more or less trapped in their neighborhoods.
    Mister would like a live Go partner, one who plays a little more strategically than Bama and doesn’t take his pieces.
    I think I found a haircut (see Tea’s catalog — woman with short hair).
    Thankfully, I haven’t wanted to call the cops, but I like knowing there are still places where you never even think of calling the cops while at the park.
    Portland has great summers, just like NY. Portland also sees little, but enough, actual snow. Same time zone as many of our friends. We really, really like the people we know who live there already.


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