Who is this? Leads to a fine 20 minutes of quiet.

One of the best uses of my iPhone is googling a topic or person while in conversation with friends. It's obnoxious, I am sure, but I can't help myself. I used to write down lists of things to check when I got home, now I google and bookmark (or delicious, or pinterest, depending on the relevancy/half-life of said topic).

Last night, late, because Rabbit was up for the third time — this kid is eating three meals a day and nursing, he so does not need to be up AT ALL during the night — I was reading something that mentioned Elizabeth Gilbert. I should know that name, apparently. I googled. Oh, her. Eat, Pray, Love. A book I didn't read and don't intend to unless it's jammed in the back of an airplane seat pocket and I'm done re-reading the flight card. I looked at pictures of her. I thought about her haircut because I've reentered my usual, I hate my hair shouldn't I cut it off end of summer stage. (I asked Mister to look at photo. "Um," he said, "So I don't think she's [my type of] attractive and I'm having a hard time picturing this hair in black with your face." I take that as a No.) I thought I might read the accompanying article which was penned by comedian John Hodgman. Gilbert, whom he affectionately calls Liz, and Hodgman are long-time friends who were published in the Paris Review together. He wants Gilbert to be acknowledged for the genius of her short stories. "The Famous Torn and Restored Cigarette Trick" is available online and is worth the read. 

image from img.timeinc.net

The internet is a time sink. I am putting my phone in awkward places more and more because, frankly, I don't need to know what is going on all the time. I have two small children who are present, why can't I be present? 

but it's also full of juicy goodness like the Gilbert train that led me to a story I'm enjoying and want to share.

(I still like her hair and I think she's doing alright in the 42 and looking good category.)

Who is this? Leads to a fine 20 minutes of quiet.

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