I wish I'd been able to hold a camera while walking off the plane and out through security at JFK. A shot of Mister's face as he saw us coming around the corner. Bama kicking and waving. Rabbit, turning to his papa, smiling and reaching up and touching his face. 

Mmm, that face. Scrubbed, shaved, and so lovely to see. He and I both had hoped Bama would have been able to run to him, but she was in the carrier (on my belly!) because she'd been stuck in her carseat for six hours on the plane and wanted to cuddle. I was carrying a couple of bags and pulling Rabbit along (now in carseat attached to a Go-Go Kidz Travelmate).

image from
(She's literally pulling her weight, from the airplane back to security. By the time we hooked up with Aunty Amy, I was carrying the blankets and the backpack while she had the carseat.)

After two weeks away, the three of us returned from our visit to California. We saw "lots of people!" "All of my friends!" said Bama. We did. Maybe we packed in a bit too much, especially those first couple of days, but we had people to see and foods to eat. (I'm sad Bakesale Betty's wasn't open. 11am – 1:45pm? What kind of hours are those?) 

On the food front, we got a few fan favorites: Zachary's pizza (spinach and mushroom with sausage added, thanks for sharing, Uncle A!); a quick morning at Pizzaiolo (buttermilk doughnut holes and a slice of fritatta) with Aunty Cake and Aidan; Tacubaya with Aunty Cake and Nana (the soup, oh, how I miss the soup and the chips). On the other hand, we didn't make it to one farmers' market, and that makes me sad days later, back in New York. Not one, fresh from the tree, juicy end of summer peach. Never mind that Rabbit and I went to one of our markets when we returned home, only to find some of the saddest peaches ever. EVER. What else we missed: the great hamburger at Wood Tavern; Arizmendi's English muffins, sour sourdough baguette, a slice of pizza; a quick shop for anything at Berkeley Bowl. 

We did get to see the water and some of the mamas from Bama's and my mama's group. Aunty Cake and Aunty A joined us with The Captain and Joe the Pirate Monkey. We arrived, both of my babies crashed out in the back of Minty, which I'd borrowed back from my brother's family for a few days. 

Rabbit and The Captain held a chew-a-thon while Bama and the bigger kids ran laps on the ramp and lawn.



Lord of all I survey!



 We had some satisfying tacos from a place a couple of blocks away. I think I could have had tacos every day while we were home. New York: bagels. Tie: pizza. California: Mexican. New York should stop pretending to have great Mexican food in the same way that Californians should stop defending our bagels (even the great California bagels are not as good as New York's).

I'd made plans with Aunty Jenny to linger at their place for a few hours while everyone had naps. I initially thought we'd bail, but Bama wanted to see Mr. Wilson and Aunty Jenny and Baby Roo. No naps were had, but Mr. Wilson and Bama did their best Ma and Pa Kettle impression on the porch:

image from
Before heading inside to pour water all over the bathroom floor. Awesomesauce!


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