Rainbow Warrior

It started with rainbows and chef's knives. Mister ordered some tattoos from Brooklyn-based Tattly. Mister follows Made by Hand, a Brooklyn-based documentary film maker, who is doing some work with fellow Brooklynite, Tina Roth Eisenberg, who started Tattly because her daughter loves tattoos.  

This combination was on one arm while the lone, tough cheese grater was on the other. Ooh, scary.


Last week, Tattly put out a call for models for a film shoot. Fun! We thought. It turned out to be a film shoot by Brooklyn-based Made by Hand which is making short films about folks making goods by hand and selling them. You can view the first video, The Distiller, about the Breukelen Distilling Company on the site. It's incredibly beautiful. The film color is rich, great visuals of the distillery. When I emailed pictures of Juniper, I didn't think much about what was going on, just that we like the tattoos.

I'm not sure how many kids were in the studio space. Eisenberg shares the East Rver view with other designer notables (and local favs) Jessi Arrington, an incredible rainbow color loving person who is as bright in person as you'd hope. (Arrington designed the rainbows we loved.)

They asked if Juniper would mind a David Bowie-esque rainbow striping across her face. Yesterday, baby tiger, today, rainbow. This is the girl who couldn't find enough rainbows at the gay pride parade. She's game, boy howdy! 

A little rainbow-fication by Yoko, one of Eisenberg's assistants. The boy behind us was looking a little James Dean and wearing the "Laura" tattoo, a list of scratched out girls' names with Laura at the end.


And then the shoot.


Per Mister: eat the camera or the lollipop or both? She did a lot of staring into the camera as if she expected it to ask questions and offer commentary.


With the director.

Rainbow Warrior! (Photo: Jessi Arrington)

We met some of the nicest folks since moving to New York, got to see a great design shared workspace, our girl was tattooed!, and our boy gummed his toy into oblivion.

We left with a happy girl, a sleepy boy, packets of tattoos, and passes for Jane's Carousel, a recently restored carousel at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

Rainbow Warrior

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