Lining Them Up, Knocking Them Down


Today, we met up with friends at the park. They live in Westchester and have toddlers and a newborn, so their lives are wonderfully nutty, too.

I got us dressed, well, three of us anyway, and a snack pack for Rabbit. Sliced tomatoes, pulled together the bag of clothes for our friend's new girl, out the door, kabaam.

After a lovely morning during which Rabbit fell asleep in my arms while at the park, the first time this has ever happened, all because I could and was sitting with him, we went home. Rabbit woke up, Bama went to sleep, I took the boy for a walk. Mister nodded off for a much-needed snooze, as well.

Then home.

And dinner.

People, I killed it. Granted, it's 1:39am and I'm officially crazy for being up this late, but here's what I accomplished between 4pm and 1:35am.

  • Dinner: sauteed brussel sprouts, sauteed eggplant, steaks (medium to medium rare), salad with mustard vinaigrette (thank you, Canal House, for making me like mustard vinaigrette).
  • Put Rabbit to bed.
  • Finished a chapter of my book while puttering.
  • Braised the bone-in pork butt. YEP. It's beautiful and it's Sunday supper. Sweet.
  • Made a treasure bag for our friend's daughter's birthday.
  • Joked with my husband.
  • Read a bit of the newspaper.
  • Ate a bowl of cereal. 

Good night. Photos later.


Lining Them Up, Knocking Them Down

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