Aunty Zobot stopped by with double guacamole, chips, and a chicken burrito from Dos Toros for Bama and me to share.

Zobot moved to New York a couple of weeks after we did, and neither of us came with a proper East Coast winter coat. I worried she'd be cold most of hte winter. She said I didn't own enough socks. I gave her a pair of Toast last year, and now I'm thinking she needs a hat.

She'll probably get this one, my second take on the Felicity pattern. The first wasn't slouchy enough, almost, but not quite there. I had enough of the delicious blue yarn I'd bought in Vermont last fall to knock out another one, so I did. With more slouch.

image from
Maybe too much slouch. Zobot looks pretty good in it, don't you think?



Then, because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing (having a new baby will do that), I was close to running out of delicious blue before I could bring the darn hat to a close. 

Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in London to the rescue!


Check out that slouch. Zobot could fit her new niece in that pouch.


I have the hat because she convinced me it looks good on me. Hah. Happy Christmas, Zobot! 😉



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