Practicing Our Scary

Halloween. Year one, I wanted her to be a lamb, since I called her lamb. My mother made her a lamb costume. Cute, itchy, we tweaked it to fit her baby belly.

Year two, we went to Washington DC to see the Rally for Sanity, visit Uncle and Aunt, and I so wanted her to be a gnome, but I never got past buying the felt.

This year, she says she wants to be a furry blue monster, friendly, not scary. Then she said she wanted to be a bell pepper. Now she's going to be a furry blue monster who is friendly and eats bell peppers. Rabbit is going as a garden gnome who cultivates bell peppers. I get my gnome. 

Then I started thinking about sewing a costume. Fur. Yeah. Mister said to buy one, anything, just save myself the aggravation. Searches. Blue costumes are out all over the place. She saw a yellow one. Hmmm.

Last ditch effort, on our way to the main event of our date (see tomorrow's post) last week, we popped into the local (read: only) consignment store and voila! a blue monster. Aarh lessons courtesy The Backyardigans.



More fun in class. Every day she comes home singing something new. Today, it's related to turkeys, but it's a secret she can't tell me about *twinkle, twinkle*. Yesterday, however, she sang "Ghosts and Goblins" all the way home and then for anyone who'd listen, which was often Rabbit.

This was, by the way, the third attempt at this video. Crack ups, Rabbit distractions, this is what we got.


Practicing Our Scary

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