The Boy

Were you wondering about poor unphotographed Rabbit? He's quick, that one, and usually in the Ergo, so he does get left out of the picture party sometimes.

But not really. 

Here he is, modeling my slouch hat and showing the full force of his personality. 

image from

We took both of them to the UWS to a Music Together concert. What you aren't seeing is Bama in tears, FREAKING out at the crowd and the noise. Rabbit played it cool, if you call dancing like a maniac on your papa's lap cool. (Bama and I headed to the back where she settled in, dancing and jumping around. Eventually, we were in the front in what Mister referred to as the Baby Mosh Pit at the stage. It was awesome.)
image from

I've tried to explain to people how, from day one, Rabbit has been sweet as pie, just like his sister, but they are sweet goofballs in such different ways. He is so easy to smile and a ham in more of a slapstick kind of way than the girl. I don't remember what he and Mister were looking at, but I do know that whenever he's on Mister's shoulders, there's a lot of head-licking involved. I think it's funnier than Mister does.

image from

The Boy

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