Rhinebeck Sheep, Wool, Girl

Mister and I woke Bama bright and early to dress her and whisk her north on Amtrak to Rhinebeck for the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, commonly known to knitters as Rhinebeck. I had everything ready to go the night before, including her Nova dress which I'd blocked (oh yes I did!) and a lot of snacks, books, crayons. We had a two hour train ride, and while I hoped she'd sleep, I didn't think it likely.

Alert and keen for her adventure! We picked up coffee and egg sandwiches at Penn Station before getting to the train. A very nice woman held our place in line while I ordered the sandwiches, then, as we stood before the escalator to go down to the train, the Homeland Security (maybe?) told the guy behind us to grab my stroller for me. Thanks!

On the train, eating a pear and reading her beautiful and beloved book, The Little Red Fish, a magical story whose beautiful illustrations tell about Jeje's adventure at the library. A colleague, Clare LePell, gave it to me as a babyshower gift along with Henry Works, a story about a bear/Henry David Thoreau. 

image from flickr.com

I'm so silly!

image from flickr.com

Sheep shearing! A good introduction to the sheep because they are out of their pens, which are inside the dark barns, and looking lovely. Bama wondered if one of the farmers would be snipping the big ball of yarn between one of the sheep's legs. The farmer laughed. I laughed. We had a penis talk. Don't want to cut off the important bits, now, do we?

image from flickr.com

Sheep of many varieties, goats, llamas, and alpacas. You can touch them, ask questions, smell them. It's amazing. We came home with alpaca teddy bears, one named Luke for Bama, another for Rabbit when he gets a bit bigger.

image from flickr.comPeeking.

image from flickr.com

Afterwards, we walked back to my friend KK's house. She'd picked us up from the train, then walked us to the fair. We spent hours looking at animals, eating lamb (of course!), and touching yarn. We barely covered half the site. 

Back at KK's, we rested a bit. Bama explored as many toys as possible. She was especially excited about the guitar. This girl. Give her an instrument and she's happy. Not long after this photo was taken, she was outside, running around with the big kids who are living the perfect childhood life. Outside as much as possible, making up games, creating fantasy worlds. Fairies, animals, whatever in the yard and woods by the house. They reminded me of my own childhood. We spent an inordinate amount of time creating worlds, looking for seeds, whatever. Glorious. (And best for cognitive development.)

image from flickr.com

Dinner with the KKB's, then back to the train. My girl was done by the time we reached Penn Station. Poor thing fell asleep in the stroller somewhere between 34th and 33rd Streets. I had to wake her to get home, wake her when we got home. But, wow, she loved the day. She's mentioned something about Rhinebeck every day this past week.

Next year, a few more $$ for wool. Oh my head. I wish I knit faster.

Rhinebeck Sheep, Wool, Girl

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